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B-Smart (Bremen Small Multi Agent Robot Team) is an educational project at the Computer Science Department of the University of Bremen. In this project a group of students works on a robot team which can compete in the RoboCup F-180 (Small Size) league. The team took part in RoboCup 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and the GermanOpen 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008. The project members are now working towards improvement of the existing hard- and software to successfully compete in the next RoboCup.


2009-07-07: Skuba World Champion - B-Smart earns respect

The new world champion comes from Thailand and is named Skuba - a relatively young team that became 3rd last year and set new standards for tactics and precision in Small Size League this year. Besides the title, they also gained the Challenge trophy and the Best ETDP Award for best publication of their systems special abilities.
After having reached the quarter final again we have to conclude a big step forward for our team as we were able to scale the gap down to most of the high-ranked teams. This is expressed by our result against the former world champion (we had always lost 10:0 against PlasmaZ in the last years) as well as the very close defeat in the quarter final against the later finalist. Many experienced members from other teams expressed their respect that we have been able to improve our play without being able to upgrade our hardware. At the end we even came up to the second rank in the Challenge ranking, which combines several special abilities of play.

2009-07-04: B-Smart - Robodragons 0:1

Again a penalty decided a very close and balanced match, this time to our disadvantage. The referees decision was not to question, but annoying anyway as it destroyed our hope to reach the final day. We played great robosoccer again and showed one of our best performances ever. The complete tournament was a clear success for us and we want to round up this by making one of the places at the challenges. The last challenge will take place tonight, we will be prepared.

2009-07-04: B-Smart in the Quarterfinals

A close match ended with an earned victory for b-smart. We have reached the quarterfinals like we did last year, but this time we are hungry for more. Later today we will meet the group winner Robodragons.

2009-07-03: B-Smart - PlasmaZ 0:8

The match against the world champion 2008 broke our winning streak, but we can not be sad about this. We took part in a very fast match which was decided by the number of small mistakes we made in the defense and the ability to take the chance by PlasmaZ. We thereby suffered the injuries of three Covers which were hit by the strong shots by PlasmaZ. After all we advance to the next round as the second in our group and will meet the second German team in the tournament ER-Force tomorrow morning.

2009-07-03: B-Smart - MRL 1:0

In a thrilling and nerve-wracking match we won against the Iranian team MRL with 1:0. We got two penalties in the match, but the Iranian referee took a scandalous incorrect decision. He alleged that our first penalty hit the goalpost. After many chances for our team we got another penalty in the second half. And this time our striker kicked the ball in the net and we gained the victory.

2009-07-02: B-Smart - Owaribito-CU 6:0

Second Game, second victory! We also won our second round robin match versus the japanese team Owaribito-CU. The spectators saw a nice game with many chances for B-Smart. We are looking forward to our next match against MRL tomorrow.

2009-06-30: B-Smart - RFC Cambridge 9:0

Let's kick! After two days of preparations, the tournament started today. At 17:00, we had our first round robin match. The opponent was RFC Cambridge, a joint team of students from Harvard and MIT. Despite some minor problems, our tournament start can be considered as really successful: We won 9:0 (3:0 at halftime) :-)

2009-06-30: B-Smart goes Graz

The RoboCup in Graz has begun and B-Smart has taken its part. After setting up and a first testing game against last years world champion we are looking forward to the first official game on Wednesday evening.
For more information, please have a look at the official schedule or at our Blog in german.

2009-02-10: German open without Small Size League

Unfortunately the German open will be held without a competition in the small Size League. This sad decision was made as there had not been enough regristrations for the competition.
Anyway, we are looking forward to the RoboCup 2009 in Graz and have just submitted our qualification materials for this event. Please have a look at our qualification video (~22MB) and our team description paper.

2009-01-02: Happy new year 2009

Team B-Smart wishes you all the best for the new year 2009. The countdown for the German Open in April has begun, and we are optimistic about our chances to win it again.

Unfortunately we have to announce that our valued Partner Schuricht left us since our contact has retired by the end of the last year. We bewail this step and hope to find a new sponsor for our electronics as fast as possible. If you are interested in supporting the winner of the German Open 2008 please contact us via E-Mail.

Picture by Sehsuan License: CC 2.5 Original Source:

2008-07-21: The competition is over

RoboCup 2008 is over - unfortunately the winner is called Plasma-Z instead of B-Smart. At least we can take comfort in being defeated by the later world champion. Plasma-Z caught us in the quarter finals with an unambigious final score of 10:0 - congratulations to thailand. By now we wait for our teammates to return. Some of them spend the vacation they definitely earned in China, others return within the next few days.

For a complete overview over all Small-Size games, take a look at the official site of this league.

2008-07-15: first day on stage

We are blogging our trip to China again, in german and english. Also check our gallery to see some pictures

We just had a testing game and lost 3:1. Our opponent made it to the semi-finals last year and is the head of our group, so there's no shame in loosing this game. Anyway, we will improve our gameplay to beat them on Friday ;)

2008-07-15: Schedule online, lets get the cup

From now on you will find an incrementally updated schedule on our site with all relevant data and of course, as soon as possible, some video footage directly from China.

As the games begin in China while we are sleeping tomorrow, we expect a first entry by Wednesday morning CEST. So by now it sould be about 7am in China, this means time to wake up for our brave pioneers at RoboCup 2008, while my shift is over - time to go to bed. ;)

2008-07-13: B-Smart reached Suzhou, China

After a long and hard journey, we finally reached Suzhou. All our robots survived the trip in the suitcases. Just two cases with clothes and parts are lost.
We are just curing our jet lag and looking forward to monday when the Venue will be opened.

2008-07-11: B-Smart on it's way to China

In few days starts the RoboCup 2008 Championship. After months of hard work some of our team members are on their way to Suzhou, China. As usual, we will soon update you with more information.
Good Luck, B-Smart

2008-04-25: B-Smart wins the German Open

The competition is over and we just got the trophy for the 1st place at the German Open in Hannover. We won the final game 8:0 against ER-Force from Erlangen, Germany. It was the best game, we ever had.
The next week we will recover from the hard days and after that we will begin to improve our system for the next big event: The World Cup in Suzhou, China.


The first two days of competition are over and we can state a very successfull tournament for our team so far. We have won all of our 4 games and are nearly qualified for the final. If you want to have a closer look, please visit the schedule where videos of all games are linked (with a short delay, of course).


We arrived at German Open 2008 this weekend and the schedule for the competition has been released. Our opponents are Botnia Dragon Knights and ER-Force and we're going to play our first test matches today. More information can be found in our german blog.

2008-04-14: RoboCup GermanOpen 2008

This year's GermanOpen championship takes place next week ( 21.04 - 25.04 ). It will be hosted by HANNOVER MESSE again, but this time within the special exhibition on Mobile Robots & Autonomous Systems
As you might have guessed, we are also participating and are in a state of feverish preparation.
Please have a look at our blog (in german) for further information, hosted by our sponsor IGUS.


We have just released our qualification video for the upcoming RoboCup 2008 in China.

2007-07-01: RoboCup 2007 - Atlanta

As some of you might already know, this year's RoboCup takes place in Atlanta, USA. This weekend, some members of our team traveled there, in order to participate. Information on how things are working out will be available soon. In the meantime you are welcome to visit our blog (in german or english), hosted by our sponsor IGUS

2007-04-29: Second place on RoboCup German Open 2007

Finally it is over - The last matches have been played and the winners were honored. Unfortunately we have missed the first place in the final match against the vice world champion 5DPO from Portugal. Nevertheless, it was an exciting match that had everything a final needs, except a goal for B-Smart. Due to the final score of 0:1 and the one goal being discussed intensively because it was given in the last second of the first half, the audience was quite amazed being shown the qualities and attractiveness of small size robot football.
In the end, the second place is quite a good start for the new B-Smart team and can hopefully be improved in future competitions.


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