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Half time in the competition - The batteries are low, the concentration has suffered. So it was a blessing we only have two games on our schedule today. As we arrived in Hannover, we had to realize that our last opponent in the first round was not able to play.
The Vienna Cubes, our router heroes from Austria, were not able to fix a problem in their vision system although they worked throughout the night. Therefore the game had to be scored as 10:0 win for our team which is a little unsatisfying, because this game promised to be exciting.
You may also check the game scores on the official summary table which will be updated this evening.


After the hassle in the last game we all calmed down and started preparing for the last game of this day. ER-Force, a team from the Universität Erlangen was next to challenge our robots. It is the first time they take part in a RoboCup competition and keeping that in mind they did pretty well. The final score was 9:0 for our team but we hope to see them shoot a lot of goals in future games.


The next challenge was really tough. We had to play against the vice world champion from Portugal, 5DPO. This team is just as strong as they are fair and friendly. They participate in RoboCup competitions since 9 years. Nevertheless we did our best and tried to improve our gameplay for this match. In the end we lost 0:4 against a great winner.
5DPO gave us all their timout minutes to handle a failure in our communication hardware. In addition we also have to thank the Vienna Cubes team, who borrowed us their WLAN router to be able to play the last minutes of the match. It was an awful and hectic chaos but the game was finished regulary. In the end we realized that even if we all compete against each other, there is still a great community where everybody supports each other.


Finally we are able to play the first official matches. The first opponents, which are of course only opponents on the soccerfield, are our friends Botnia from Finland. Luckily for us, they were forced to compete with their old generation of robots, because like us they are also still working on building new parts. The match was quite even, but in the end we won with a final score of 3:0. The robots from Botnia made us identify our problems like defending against opponents with chipkicks.


Good news from Hannover where the RoboCup German Open currently take place. On monday we started setting up at the fair that surrounds the competition. Participating in a RoboCup competition for the first time with this team, we were quite nervous in advance. Having this in mind we played our first test matches on tuesday which, to our relief, showed that our team did a pretty good job in preparing our small electronic artists.


The new qualification material for RoboCup 2007 in Atlanta is now online! You can find our qualification video and team description paper in the corresponding sections (also in a high quality version) with older material or just click the direct links above.


As B-Smart starts into a new round with a fresh breeze of students we are also starting a cooperation with the Botnia team, which is located at the Vaasa University of Applied Scienes in Finnland. As both teams decided we will share everything that might help to reach an advancement in our common aims. This includes plans for mechanics, a lot of software, know-how and maybe even team members looking forward to some productive meetings. We are looking forward to some productive work and of course to the outcome of this cooperation!


B-Smart releases it's source under the GPL! You can find the code, which has been used during competitions in 2005 and 2006 here.


You can find our blog for the RoboCup 2006 worldchampionship on the website of our main sponsor igus right here. Enjoy :)



B-Smart will present the new robot generation for RoboCup 2006 at Karstadt Bremen on the 27th of May from about 11:00 to 18:00 o'clock. More details coming soon ...



B-Smart presented the old and new robot generation at the booth of our main sponsor IGUS during the Hannover Messe 2006 from the 24th to 28th of this month. The number of spectators was enormous, but it was quite a hard time for the robots and the members. Please see the corresponding gallery for images.


B-Smart has finished 2nd at the Dutch Open 2006. See all the details, photos and results in the RoboLudens section. There is also plenty of material on the ZDF homepage.


B-Smart has reached the final of the Dutch Open 2006 and will play against 5dpo again tomorrow at noon. Win or not, this is a great sucess and the next step (reaching a tournament final) in B-Smart history :)


B-Smart is leaving for the DutchOpen today. Details can be found soon in the RoboLudens section and pictures are available in our gallery.


"B-Smart" robots and software were shown on German television during yesterday's halftime break of the international match Germany vs. USA. A download is available on the ZDF homepage.


"B-Smart" was qualified for the RoboCup 2006 today. Horray ;) There is also yet another newspaper article about RoboCup and "B-Smart" available in our gallery.


"B-Smart" will participate in the "Sachen Machen!" event held by the Association of German Engineers (VDI) at the airport of Düsseldorf tomorrow. If everything goes well with the local officials, visitors will be able to see a live-demonstration of the "B-Smart" robots and a small presentation of the next robot generation prototype. Photos of this event can be found in our gallery.


The "B-Smart" qualification video for the upcoming RoboCup 2006 world championship here in Bremen is now available for download in our video section.



"B-Smart" gave several live-demonstrations at the "Spezialistenforum" of our sponsor Brunel yesterday. The guests could see two autonomous "B-Smart" teams playing 3vs3 against each other and also play a match against one "B-Smart" teams with joysticks. Meanwhile all guests could watch the new "B-Smart" Get Involved! DVD on a big plasma TV and of course talk to "B-Smart" members about the technical details behind the robots. It was a huge event with a lot of media and well known people present, including the mayor of Bremen Mr. Henning Scherf, who already remembered us from Osaka.

More pictures of this event can be found in our corresponding gallery. The local newspaper "Weser-Kurier" also published an article with some details about the Brunel Spezialistenforum. The entire "B-Smart" team would like to thank Brunel for the invitation again!


Our sponsor Ansmann Energy invited us for a personal meeting at the "Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA)" to discuss further possibilities of sponsoring. "B-Smart" will send two members to the IFA on the 3rd of September to discuss these things and also to show some results/material from RoboCup 2005. Ansmann (in cooperation with BMZ) provided a complete high-quality battery pack set and 10 charging devices for our team that eliminated all of our power problems.

We have been invited to the "Spezialistenforum" of our sponsor Brunel, which will take place at the Bremen World Trade Center on the 5th of October. The "B-Smart" team will give a live demonstration of its robots and provide some "technical entertainment" for the guests. We would like to thank Brunel for the great Osaka travel support again and we are looking forward to this great event.


"B-Smart" is TOP8 of the world! The RoboCup2005 is over, the team has safely returned home (except for the radio transmitter that was damaged during the journey home). After finishing 2nd in our preliminary group we could not keep up with the speed and power of the "BigRed" team from Cornell. Anyway this is a good result for us and we will now continue on improving our hard- and software to hopefully achieve a better result next year right here in Bremen. Please have a look at the Osaka2005 section for all the details ...


We have reached the quarter finals! There's a lot of pictures from RoboCup2005, our team in Osaka and Japan in general. Please visit our team gallery and have a look. You can also read more about these topics in a Heise News article. Latest news regarding our matches can be found in our Osaka2005 section.


For all further information about B-Smart competing at the RoboCup2005 in Osaka, please see this new section .


The RoboCup2005 countdown continues. Only about one more week until the "B-Smart" team leaves for Osaka. Right on time Mr. Murphy showed up and took care of one of our Shuttle XPC Systems, which appearently can't be repaired within the remaining time. We are now forced to run our software on only one XPC and an additional laptop with a bit lower performance. The last preparations for customs and transportation will be finished in the next few days, hopefully everything will turn out fine with the German and Japanese officials. Shortly before the team leaves Germany we will setup a new Osaka section containing news and multimedia material from the RoboCup2005 in Osaka.


The practise matches with the Cool Running Team from Rostock took place last weekend and were a great opportunity for both teams to spot flaws in hard- and software. We would like to thank the entire Cool Running team for helping us to prepare for the worldchampionships in Osaka that are only one more month away. Some Pictures from this event can be found in our gallery.


In order to prepare for the RoboCup 2005 in Osaka we scheduled some practise matches with the Cool Running Team from Rostock who will visit us from June 3rd to 5th.


"B-Smart" will give a live-demonstration at the Bremen Smart-Store today. This demonstration is hold as a return service for the Smart Store's friendly support.


"B-Smart" has just returned from this years German Open tournament. The 5th place is not very satisfying, the 3rd place could have been achieved. Anyway this tournament was a very good chance for the new team to aquire the first real playing experiences and to locate current flaws. We found quite a lot of them and will spent the next month working on improving soft- and hardware in order to give the best performance possible at the world championships in Osaka.

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