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RoboCup 2005 in Osaka, Japan


Osaka2005 Match Schedule

Date Opponent Local Time German Time Result
Preliminary Round
2005/07/13 DNTC 13:00 06:00 2 : 1
2005/07/14 CMRoboDragons 11:00 04:00 0 : 6
KIKS 16:00 09:00 1 : 0
Quarter Finals
2005/07/16 Big Red 15:00 08:00 0 : 9
You can find the entire result table right here

Osaka2005 Gallery

Latest impressions from Osaka (several daily updates)

Osaka2005 Diary

2005-07-17 to 2005-07-21 (Exploring Japan):

In the last two days (and today too) we were exploring the cities of Japan. Yesterday we visited Kyoto, on Tuesday we had a closer look at Osaka and today we will go to Nara. In the evening we will get all of our equipment ready for our journey tomorrow and go to bed early. We hope everything (flight, customs, etc.) will be as easy at it was when we got here. This is the last entry of our Osaka diary. There are tons of pictures about everything we did in Japan at our gallery, so feel free to have a look at it. Sayonaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

Bremen's mayor Henning Scherf visiting B-Smart

2005-07-16 (Match Day 5):

RoboCup 2005 is almost over. The FU-Fighters won the final vs. Cornell. We didn't do any more practise matches, because most of the teams we wanted to play already packed their equipment again. Remounting the cameras is also quite a hassle, so we spent the day watching various final matches and talking to our mayor Henning Scherf :) We have already gathered our equipment and will take it back to our hotel right after the final winners ceremony ...

B-Smart vs. Big Red

2005-07-16 (Match Day 4):

The banquet yesterday was quite nice, but we left early because the buffet was wiped clean in only 30 minutes and we were a little bit late. Today is the day of the quarter finals. All remaining teams are already here and doing last calibrations and testing.


As expected we were not able to win against the Big Red Team. Their bots were just too fast and shot way to hard for us. Still, our performance was quite good, but just not good enough to keep up with Big Red's speed. We are now out of the official games, but there might be a chance for some unofficial friendship matches tomorrow. Anyway this years RoboCup was a success for B-Smart and also a lot of fun :) We recorded a video of the game but will need some time for editing and upload so please be patient.

Banquet entrance

2005-07-15 (Match Day 3):

No matches for us today. We already used the available time to improve our indirect freekick behaviour and are going to test this on the field now. We will also have to move our cameras from the C field to the B field later, but this just requires a few quick recalibrations. Tonight is also the big RoboCup banquet which we are looking forward to. There's also some unpleasant news about a team that used an illegal dribbling device. All teams will now democraticly decide what will happen (disqualification, removal of that device, or other) next. Our next opponent (Big Red) just played 0:0 vs. OsaYans, which is quite surprising. Although we still don't think we can beat Big Red tomorrow we at least think that we can give a good performance on the field. As usual, there's a lot of new pictures and also a lot of new video clips (humanoids, 4-legged, other) available. Check them out at our gallery. We also sorted the pictures a little ;)


A new indirect freekick behaviour has just been tested and added to our agent system. Have a look at it right here (MOV).

B-Smart vs. KIKS
B-Smart vs. CMRoboDragons

2005-07-14 (Match Day 2):

Our vision system is just being calibrated for optimal ball and bot recognition on the entire field, while the KIKS are (once again) playing "RoboMineSweeper" to do their transformation for the vision system ;) The first match against the RoboDragons will be hard, but a good test for the second match against the KIKS that we hope to win ...


Well, as expected we lost the match vs. the RoboDragons with 0:6. Actually this could have been quite better, but unfortunately one of our attackers that was supposed to cover opponent bots at freekick and cornerkick situations broke down several time during the first half. We don't know why this happened, but it caused five of the six goals. During the second half the covering of opponent attackers was a lot better, but still it wasn't enough to catch up that five goals from the first half. Anyway it was a good game and the software worked quite OK, so we are now looking forward to the game against the KIKS team. Here's a short video clip about the cornerkick defense (MOV) like it was supposed to be. But it still needs some improvements ...


We've reached the quarter finals! As we hoped we were able to beat the KIKS team. The game could and should have been much better for us and a result of (at least) 3:0 would have been possible. But well, we're in the next round and ready to get our *sses kicked home by Cornell ;) In the meantime we will improve on standard situations which still don't really work as good as we wish. There are videos of the second and third game we played, but it will take a little time to cut and upload them. Please be patient ...

B-Smart vs. DNTC

2005-07-13 (Match Day 1):

Final preparations and tests are just being performed, at 13:00 local time (06:00 German time) we will play our first match vs. Denso Technical Collage (DNTC). Let's see what happens ...


Good news, everyone! Our experimental vision needed some new covers for the robots, but luckily we brought everything we need with us. Our attackers are working fine, all referee commands are recognised and the new penalty shoot is a real killer ;) The goalie was redesigned too and seems to work a lot better now and there's still some more time for tweaking and pimping even more stuff. Our comrades from the Bremen Rescue Walkers told us, that we could use their camera for recording our game(s). We will have a good-quality video available later ...


YATTA! We won our first game with 2:1. Our performance was quite terrible. There are still some things to adjust and to test. In the first half our agent (controling the robots) crashed due to an untested new behaviour and (Murphy-San, konichiwaaaa!) right in this situation the opponent team scored the 0:1. The 2nd half started a little bit better and after about 4 or 5 minutes we got a penalty in our favor, which we (thanks to our killer panalty) hammered right into the unguarded opponent goal corner. After about 2 more minutes our attackers scored yet another goal for "B-Smart". Damn, I need a pacemaker! :) A part of this game was recorded, unfortunately the camera didn't like us very much and just turned itself off after a while. Download the video here


After the official matches were over we finally found some time to do several tests of our freekick defense tactics and other (new) behaviours. The KIKS lost to DNTC with 0:1, so the chances aren't bad for a 2nd place in our group. Let's see what happens tomorrow ...

2005-07-12 (Setup Day 2):

A new day ... fresh problems :) Most teams have finally finished mounting their cameras (although the CMRoboDragons seem to really like doing this) and are now testing their robots. We currently have some problems with our radio module, because there seems to be someone else interfering on the same or similar frequency. The organizing comitee is already aware of this problem and has just begun to work out a schedule for the radio frequencies. Another problem is a quite big and nasty shadow line on the field that our vision system appearently cannot cope with very well ...


The radio problems have been solved, at least it seems so. For the first time in the history of RoboCup the organizing comitee gave out official blue and yellow colors that all teams are to use on their markers. Our vision system recognizes them quite well, but the problems with the shadows still remain.


As it seems the "old" vision system won't be working, so an experimental vision and world system (that was only supposed to be TESTED here in Osaka) will most likely come to use. The field is finaly free for some tests, so if everything works out we will start our first setup and test runs soon, after Cornell has finished their tests and we can transmit again. There is also a lot of very nasty !CLICK! !TOCK! sounds coming from all the other fields where teams are shooting at the goals. Scary!


Our bots are moving! The experimental vision still loses track of our bots here and there but it can deal with the shadows quite well. With a few more hours of fine tuning tomorrow it might all go well in our group matches. Since one team of our group did not attent the RoboCup we hope for a 2nd place in our group. Might be close, but it's looking good! Intex is closing now, more tomorrow ...

2005-07-11 (Setup Day 1):

We installed our cameras as first small size team present at our field and got a very neat position right in the middle :) After a short lunchbreak in the Osaka WTC the team began with the first setup tasks. Since the field was frequently blocked by other teams mounting and adjusting their cameras no tests could be performed yet. This will be tomorrows primary objective ...


After the 11-hour flight we finally arrived at Kansai International Airport. To our surprise the customs again caused no problems at all over here. So we took the train to Namba and the subway to our hotel, which also turned out to be very nice. After a quickcheck of the neighbourhood and the way to the Intex the team members began fighting the Jet-Lag in their rooms.


The customs at the checkin last evening caused no problems against all expectations. Therefore the "B-Smart" Osaka crew took their flight to Japan this morning. After a four-hour stop-over in Frankfurt, the plane with the team on board lift off to Osaka.


Our second Shuttle XPC that broke down last week returned today. This means we can take both of our high-end XPC systems with us to Osaka, woohoo! All remaining preparations are almost done, we will do a one-day-before checkin this evening, hopefully everything goes well with the customs.