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Qualification Video for Robocup 2010

Robocup 2009

Qualification Video for Robocup 2009

German Open 2008

Qualification Video for Robocup 2008

Qualification Video for RoboCup 2007

Obstacle avoidance, Shooting, Passing, 3vs3

Qualification pending

RoboCup 2006

B-Smart vs. BigRed

RoboCup/B-Smart on ZDF

RoboCup 2005

Preliminary Round

B-Smart vs. DNTC

Qualification Videos for RoboCup 2005

Obstacle avoidance

Obstacle avoidance

Passing and shooting

Passing and shooting


Livegame footage

(Showing scenes from RoboCup 2004 games: Preliminary against the CMRoboDragons and friendly against OsaYans. In both cases, B-Smart has the robots with the yellow markers.)

B-Smart Video

B-Smart Video

(Composition of qualification material including intro and soundtrack intended for sponsors and exhibition usage)