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Dutch Open 2006 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Results Match Day 1
Table after Match Day 1
Results Match Day 2
Table after Match Day 2

RoboLudens Gallery

Latest impressions from the Dutch Open 2006 in Eindhoven (several daily updates)

RoboLudens Diary

2006-04-09: Match Day 3

We have lost the final vs. 5dpo with 2:0 [again ;)]. Both goals were done with using the chipkick before, that we unfortunately dont have (yet). 5dpo also decreased the time to reach and kick the ball a little bit more which resulted in more goalkicks to our goal. 5dpo was the best team of this tournament and our performance was quite good as well, so ... everything is good! :)

2006-04-08: Match Day 2

In our second match vs. 5dpo we finished 2:2. During the entire game B-Smart was equal if not better to/than 5dpo. Anyway this was the best game B-Smart ever played :) No changes now, lets hope for the best ...

UPDATE: We won our second match vs. the CoolRunners with 2:1 :) Last game for today will be vs. Botnia again. At the end of this day we should be 2nd place and (for the first time in B-Smart history) play in a tournament final ...

UPDATE: We have reached the final! :))))) The 3rd game for today vs. Botnia was played with the official referee box for both teams. Although our performance was not as good as in the match vs. 5dpo the match ended up in our favor. The final will be played tomorrow, maybe we can improve again from draw to win ......................

2006-04-07: Match Day 1

Setup is almost complete, last tuning on kickoff and penalty behaviours will be completed in the next hours. First test games vs. Botnia and 5DPO promise a good result for today, lets hope for the best! We will play 3 matches today and the same matches again tomorrow.

UPDATE: We lost the first match against 5dpo with 0:2. In the first half we could keep up with 5dpo's gameplay and even exceeded them in standard gameplay situations. Software was running fine, but unfortunately we had some unknown problems with the old robots in the second half. For still unknown reasons the robots started crashing and several batteries gave up. We are currently trying to solve the hardware problems for a better performance against the next teams.

Anyway, the B-Smart game performance was better than ever before :)

UPDATE: We have won our second game vs. the Coolrunners from Rostock with 3:0. The game performance was even better than in the first game vs. 5dpo and was really nice to watch. It seems that the hardware problems were just not fully loaded batteries. We have powered up our entire Ansmann pyramid and are loading batteries like crazy :)

Our next game vs. Botnia is coming right up in about 30 minutes. Since the Coolrunners won against Botnia with 2:0 we expect this match to end in our favor as well ...

UPDATE: We lost our last match for this day vs. Botnia with 0:1. The match was quite chaotic because Botnia was unable to use the official referee box and sent gamestate commands by hand. The (time) differences between the referee box commands for us and the commands for them resulted in a goal against us while our bots were still in "ready" state. Well, bad luck. Botnia offered to call the match a draw, but the majority of our team decided to leave the result as it was.

2006-04-06: Setup Day 2

We are setting up our software and preparing the bots for the matches. Botnia arrived at about 12 o'clock today. We are trying to setup a live stream for the small size field ... Live feed is up and running :) Enjoy!

2006-04-05: Setup Day 1

As first team on the small-size court B-Smart finally arrived at the right destination in Eindhoven. Streets are quite tricky here ;) After mounting our cameras we immediately experienced color problems with the yellow markers. We switched back to our old Sony cameras, which work better with the local lighting conditions. Our hostel is ... OK. Could be worse :)